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// 中秋精致水果花篮 //

** 首20位可以等到精美小荷包~ 颜色随机 🥰

· 进口水果 Premium Imported Fruits
. 冰皮花朵月饼 Flower Mooncakes

口味:斑兰莲蓉 - 豆沙
· 菜燕月饼 Agar Mooncake

口味:斑兰 - 豆沙 - 芋头 - 抹茶红豆
. 蛋黄酥 Egg Yolk Puff

口味:红豆蛋黄 - 肉松蛋黄斑兰 - 肉松蛋黄芋头
. 蜂蜜花茶 Flower teabags
. 香皂仿真花 Soap artificial flower


自取 / 配送 Pick up / Delivery

9月8号 星期四 Thursday
9月9号 星期五 Friday

单层中秋水果花篮 Mid Autumn Floral Fruity Basket

    • Picture is for reference and illusion only. Actual product may vary in shape or design as per our availability. 
    • We will try our best to accommodate your requests but we reserve the right to replace anything equivalent in case of unavailability of your desired one.
    • Once order is confirmed, strictly no cancellation. 


    All natural thing varies in colour, shape, size etc. This unpredictable nature is what makes them unique. 


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